[vlc-devel] streaming h.264 over rtsp

Hussain conundrums at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 16:01:57 CET 2005

Hello. I am trying to play back a h.264 encoded video which is being
streamed from the Darwin Streaming server, over RTSP/RTP.

So far I have been successfully able to stream the video, but have not
been able to play it back :(. From the tests I ran, it seems that I
need to be able to packetize the stream thats coming in, using the
PacketizeAVC1 function. This is found in the h264.c file in the
modules/packetizer directory. Can someone please please please let me
know what parameter I would need to set, and HOW... so that the
incoming stream calls the PacketizeAVC1 function. Would I need to make
changes in the livedotcom.cpp code or somewhere else as well?

Thanks a lot. 

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