[vlc-devel] [ANN] libdvbpsi 0.1.5

Christophe Massiot massiot at via.ecp.fr
Wed Jul 6 17:04:52 CEST 2005

Dear friends,

The VideoLAN team is happy to release libdvbpsi version 0.1.5 (library
compatibility version 4.0.0). This release adds a few new decoders
and fixes several bugs :

  * Windows CE port
  * src/tables/eit*: EIT decoder (no generator yet)
  * src/tables/sdt*: SDT generator
  * 0x4d/0x4e (EIT) descriptors decoders
  * 0x52 (stream identifier) descriptor decoder
  * 0x55 (dvb parental rating) descriptor decoder
  * 0x56 (EBU teletext) descriptor decoder
  * fixed a segfault in the subtitles descriptor decoder
  * correctly handle duplicate packets
  * correctly handle TS packets containing multiple PSI sections

The packages can be downloaded here :

Sam has compiled Debian packages here :


Christophe Massiot.

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