[vlc-devel] Mozilla GUI: experimental

Philippe Bridant philippe.bridant at smartjog.com
Wed Jul 6 17:01:59 CEST 2005

Hi team,

Here is my first experimental alpha pre-release of the mozilla plugin
with Graphical User Interface (only available for x11 platforms).

a tarball can be found here:

a screnshot can be found here:

In this tarball, you will find:
- Source files to be placed in the vlc-trunk/mozilla directory
- PNG files to be placed on the vlc-trunk/share/mozilla directory
- Makefile.am with updated automake data
- A short README file explaining what to do to make it work.

No diff has been done yet ; therefore, if you want to test it, you will
have to add the Imlib dependance to the autoconf system (or add
-lImlib to the mozilla section on the vlc-config file for a quick test)

Old files will be overwritten by the new ones.

What has been done:
- Code cleanup and generic layers added
- Implemented a platform independant system:
   o global "platform independant" functions (actions.cpp, controls.cpp)
   o mozilla plugin and VLC init functions (vlcshell.cpp)
   o "platform specific" functions (x11gui.cpp, macosxgui.cpp, win32.cpp)
- Implemented a static skin for x11 (PNG files provided)

What has to be done:
- Verify that it works like before on a macosx and win32 platforms
- Correct small problems like "playing status" changes while playing
- Skining system
- Playlist support
- (Streaming support?)
- Fullscreen GUI ( :/ )

Enjoy and don't hesistate if you have any question or comment.

Philippe Bridant

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