[vlc-devel] Demux ASF plugin modification (Linux)

Steve MOREAU moreau at essi.fr
Wed Jul 20 14:01:11 CEST 2005


I'm trying to adapt ASF plugin in order it to play video stream from my
webcam (because vlc fails). I find that current ASF demux plugin was
returning after a call to 'stream_Peek' in modules/demux/asf/asf.c (line

So VLC -vvv returns : "cannot peek while getting new packet : EOF ?"

I wonder if it's due to new header that the camera may use. Or could it be
dure to the length of the video (because the stream of the webcam seems to
be a file with length of 7 minutes)

Could you give a clue of what is going wrong according to you ? Could you
tell me where to find stream_Peek definition please (I only find inline
prototype in a header file) ?

Thanks in advance


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