[vlc-devel] Re: Demux ASF plugin modification (Linux)

Steve MOREAU moreau at essi.fr
Fri Jul 22 10:23:57 CEST 2005

Hello !

I finally found Stream_Peek definition, and locate it was assigned to the
'AStreamPeekStream' function in src/input/stream.c file. I'm learning
slowly all parts of code but I still don't understand Stream_Peek. In
AStremPeekStream, I read about circular buffers and so on... I wonder if
it is a function to copy ip packet data contents into buffers or something
else (in fact I don't understand really the term peek...)

I had trace into modules/demux/asf/asf.c and saw that stream_Peek was
returning 179 instead of 2000. Here is the chain vlc built after reading
my webcam stream :

[00000246] asf private debug: + 'Unknown' GUID
0x0-0x0-0x0-0x0000000000000000 size:0pos:0
[00000246] asf private debug:      + 'Header' GUID
0x75b22630-0x668e-0x11cf-0xa6d900aa0062ce6c size:327pos:0
[00000246] asf private debug:      |    + 'File Properties' GUID
0x8cabdca1-0xa947-0x11cf-0x8ee400c00c205365 size:104pos:30
[00000246] asf private debug:      |    + 'Stream Properties' GUID
0xb7dc0791-0xa9b7-0x11cf-0x8ee600c00c205365 size:147pos:134
[00000246] asf private debug:      |    + 'Header Extention' GUID
0x5fbf03b5-0xa92e-0x11cf-0x8ee300c00c205365 size:46pos:281
[00000246] asf private debug:      + 'Data' GUID

I tryed to stream mp4 video encapsulated in ASF from another computer and
it works with the same chain except two things :
- there metadata in more in the chain
- size od data is not size:18374686479671623679 but only 50

Have you already encountered such behaviors ? Could you light me on
Stream_Peek role please ?
Thanks in advance


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