[vlc-devel] firewire output & fb output

Vaclav Koldus vaclav.koldus at avpark.cz
Thu Jul 28 01:28:14 CEST 2005

Hi people!

I'm new here so sorry I know nothing 'bout team working on such a huge  

I'm working on firewire output filter for VLC, cause we need it in our  
firm (I send it into D/A convertor and then into TV or Broadcasting device  
but it's not important.)

I could post it or add it into VLC or something if I knew how to do it and  
if I knew how to make a new filter from scratch. At this time the plugin  
is working well, but I made it as a part of logo filter ( because I wanted  
to be able to see the video on the monitor besides the firewire output )  
but I would want to write standalone firewire filter so I can us it just  
this way:

Video -> Logo Filter -> text rendering filter -> Firewire filter -> output

pls can you lead me how to do it??

BTW: the text rendering filter is another thing I'm working on. It renders  
aligned word wrapped text and color blended boxes on the output natively  
in YUV so I don't have to convert screen to rgb and then back in the  
filter. This I want to have also as standalone filter. So pls help howto  
start filter from scratch ?

My second question is about framebuffer output filter.

I suppose this filter has been untouched for a long time :)
There is a bug in my version (some release of 0.8.2)
I don't know who thought that something like this can work:


but it don't work for me.

What we need is naturaly

v_out->something->i_tty = open("/dev/tty0",..);

and this works. At least somehow.

Problem is that the fb output is awfully slow! Why the hell? I want to use  
but with this framerate I simply can't!

Pls I'm glad for any advice.

Thanx in advance,
Vaclav Koldus

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