[vlc-devel] Re: Proposed changes for SAP module

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live.com
Wed Jun 29 01:42:00 CEST 2005

>Well, not necessarily. Something like basic SDP parsing from SAP announces 
>is used by a lot of ppl, but RTSP isn't used by that many people at all 
>(in the VLC world of MPEG2 broadcasting).

Well, I guess it depends on your perspective.  Regrettably, in the 'real 
world' (i.e., outside universities and research labs - which is where I 
used to reside, BTW), very few people have wide-area multicast, and SAP is 
generally considered to be approaching obsolence anyway (wide-area 
multicast seems to be migrating towards SSM).  OTOH, RTSP is seeing 
increasing use everywhere (including for MPEG-2 VOD).

>Actually, I think the biggest problem for VLC with liveMedia is and has 
>always been that it reimplements the udp and tcp routines of VLC. That 
>means code duplicity. Besides that, IF for instance we ever decided to add 
>statistics about network receiving etc, that livedotcom would not benefit 
>of such things. One way around this is take the liveMedia code and heavily 
>hack it to use VLCs internal routines, but since liveMedia is still under 
>very active development, that would be hard to maintain.

Yes, this is a good point.  I hope someday to better abstract out the 
network interface (UDP and TCP) used by the LIVE.COM code (so that it 
could, for example, be used on top of network simulators, as well as a bare 
network).  When that happens, it should fit better with VLC's existing UDP 
and TCP code.  But for now, we have to live with some code duplication at 
the UDP&TCP level.  This is still much better, though, than duplicating 
higher-level functionality like SDP parsing, RTP receiving, and RTCP.

But anyway, I think we're more or less all on the same page here.  I am 
very pleased with the way that the needs of VLC (being such a significant 
application) has helped make the LIVE.COM code much better, just as the 
LIVE.COM code has brought important new functionality to VLC.

	Ross Finlayson

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