[vlc-devel] Re: vlc: svn commit r10197 (hartman)

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Tue Mar 8 14:11:15 CET 2005

Derk-Jan Hartman writes:
 > cddax is working. vcdx on OSX does not work (lack of format detection?).

What version of libcdio and vcdimager are used? The best one to use
especially for format detection problems happens to be what is
currently in CVS.

I see at http://videolan.org/vlc/download-sources.html that both the
vcdimager and the libcdio sources are a bit out of date. Current
tarballs can be found at http://www.gnu.org/software/{vcdimager,libcdio}

 > DJ
 > On 07 mrt 2005, at 23:30, Subversion daemon wrote:
 > > r10197 | hartman | 2005-03-07 23:30:55 +0100 (Mon, 07 Mar 2005) | 2 
 > > lines
 > > Changed paths:
 > >    M /trunk/configure.ac
 > >    M /trunk/extras/contrib/src/Makefile
 > >
 > > * dirty patch to tell vlc (on osx) that it needs -liconv when it links 
 > > to libcdio. This should be fixed in the libcdio pkgconfig, but i'm 
 > > tired of figuring out how to patch libcdio to do this.

Actually, I don't believe libcdio requires libiconv; libcdio uses
libiconv for Joliet support of ISO 9660 filesytems, which shouldn't be
used for either VCD's or CD-DAs. So I'm assuming libcdio auto-detected
libiconv but somehow it's not getting into pkg-config, even though
libcdio's libiso9660.pc.in *does* have @LIBICONV@, and libcdio's
configure.am has AM_ICONV.

Interesting that you are tired of figuring out how to patch
libcdio. (I'll wager you've not spent nearly as much time as I have on
libcdio as I have in trying to get vlc to work with CDDA or VCD.) But
I too am tired of figuring out how to get pkg-config, libtool and
autoconf to work properly! I've been told by other OSX folks who
probably have spent more time on libcdio -- or at least have been more
helpful as far as libcdio is concerneed -- that there is what looks
like one pkg-config and/or libtool bug for at least OSX that's been

But I wonder if this dirty patch won't break for those OSX folks who
don't have iconv installed. ViewCVS is currently unavailable so I
can't look at the actually patch.

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