[vlc-devel] vlc-python again

Vaclav Koldus vaclav.koldus at avpark.cz
Sat Nov 26 11:00:01 CET 2005

I'm writing again after some experiments with python vlc library. To 
remind my goal, I need to control my video filter used in running vlc 
instance while playing the playlist.
My question is, what are exactly the possibilities to make this. I've 
got running vlc playing my playlist. Just like this:

mc = vlc.MediaControl(['--vout-filter','videotext'])
Now I have to wait while loading playlist and actual video:

  si = mc.get_stream_information()

  while si['url']=="None":
    si = mc.get_stream_information()

Next step is to retrieve the pointer to my filter:

  o = vlc.Object(0)
  vo = o.find_object("video output");

Only way which I found to control it is to change the configuration this 

problem is that I need realtime effect in vlc and therefore I have to 
"create" the config value in video filter code (and then destroy it.) 
each time rendering the frame.

    vlc_value_t val;
    var_Create( p_vout, "vt-render", VLC_VAR_INTEGER | VLC_VAR_DOINHERIT );
    var_Get( p_vout, "vt-render", &val );
    p_sys->render = val.i_int;
    var_Destroy( p_vout, "vt-render" );

First times, it doesn't seems very clean to me, second I thing it causes 
short video stucks while playing. Obviously this config creating wasn't 
designed to be used this way.

Please is there a better way?

I'm repeating I'm new to pytthon and python-vlc extension so any 
comments to my code would be helpfull.


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