[vlc-devel] Re: vlc-python again

Clément Stenac zorglub at via.ecp.fr
Sat Nov 26 13:45:00 CET 2005


configuration data is not meant to be changed "on the fly", which
explains why you need to use the hack of recreating the variables and
inheriting its value.

You can use the "variables" mechanism, which can be used on the fly, so
instead of :

>   vo.config_set("vt-render",1)

use :

vo.set( "vt-render", 1 )

To get the updated variable, you can either use 
* var_Get( p_vout, "vt-render", &val ); at each frame
  (btw, there is a "shortcut" for this :
    p_sys->render = var_GetInteger( p_vout, "vt-render" );
* a callback
  You need to: 
   * Write the callback function
>	static int VTRenderCallaback( vlc_object_t*p_this,
>				      const char *psz_cmd,
>				      vlc_value_t old,
>			              vlc_value_t new,
>				      void *p_data )
>	{
>		vout_thread_sys_t *p_sys = (vout_thread_sys_t*)p_data;
>		p_sys->render = new.i_int;
>	}

   * Add the callback and tell VLC that you want p_sys to be passed to  
     the callback, so in your Open function of the filter, add:  
>	var_AddCallback( p_vout, "vt-render", VTRenderCallback, p_sys );
   * Remove the callback in the Close function
>        var_DelCallback( p_vout, "vt-render", VTRenderCallback,
p_sys );

Hope this helps,


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