[vlc-devel] Re: ts.c

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Thu Oct 6 17:45:53 CEST 2005

> Sorry to add noise to the list, but I just noticed that my patch for
> ts.c hasn't been applied yet [ and with no svn write access I have to
> pester the list each time :-( ]

As a none vlc-developer, only tiny patches and stuff, I think u are in full
right to "make noise" about ur patches not having been included yet. Many
patches simply never make it cuz ppl are busy for a period or simply forget
them. So I think its good that patch creators remind the list about their
patches (maybe with a url with the patch, if ppl lost it)

Anyway that's just my 5cents, its ofcourse within reason, nobody wanna see 1
mail a day from somebody inpatient for his patch to be commited :)

> What's the best way to go through submitting patches please?

Either sending to the ML or, better in my opinion, making the patch
available on some http or ftp server, since attachtments to the mailinglist
has a bad history of disappearing and other oddities.

Jonas Larsen 

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