[vlc-devel] Re: ts.c

Wallace Wadge wallace at multiplus.com.mt
Fri Oct 7 09:47:02 CEST 2005

list at scttransport.dk wrote:
>> Sorry to add noise to the list, but I just noticed that my patch for
>> ts.c hasn't been applied yet [ and with no svn write access I have to
>> pester the list each time :-( ]
> As a none vlc-developer, only tiny patches and stuff, I think u are in full
> right to "make noise" about ur patches not having been included yet. Many
> patches simply never make it cuz ppl are busy for a period or simply forget
> them. So I think its good that patch creators remind the list about their
> patches (maybe with a url with the patch, if ppl lost it)
> Anyway that's just my 5cents, its ofcourse within reason, nobody wanna see 1
> mail a day from somebody inpatient for his patch to be commited :)
Ok deal, I attached it to a bugzilla:



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