[vlc-devel] Re: DV Hangs, Audio continues

Václav Koldus vaclav.koldus at avpark.cz
Thu Oct 20 15:18:41 CEST 2005

On Thu, 20 Oct 2005 01:03:33 +0200, Stefan de Konink <skinkie at xs4all.nl>

> Vaclav Koldus wrote:
>> All this sounds as messing up with standarts. DV-AVI should be Type 1
>> (which means one stream saved in avi as video but actualy containing dv
>> audio as well in one stream with avi) or Type 2( which means you have
>> two  streams in avi, just like avi wants. One DV video stream without
>> sound and  one DV audio stream). Case when you have actualy two audio
>> streams in one  avi ('cause one is in DV stream and one is in audio part
>> of avi) should  never happen!
> I can provide you a piece of the avi... sue Adobe ;) But I think it is
> valid for OpenDML though. Valid. Nothing more nothing less.
Well, not first time having headache from things that are valid. Anyway
when the program using avi goes around audio stream in DV AVI, it should
use it even when downloading to tape!

>> If this happens in premiere exporting, I'm losing good meaning about
>> this  software. Maybe you could check the settings of output format if
>> it's set  up well.
> I'll take a look at the persons computer actually doing it. It is a
> production company, and we are simply a local broadcasting station. I'm
> a software developer, so basically our complete broadcast studio isn't
> digital because of we have the money, no way, its because of me not
> having the electronical skills to set something up like that ;)

Seems we have a similar positon in similar companies :) Just by the way :)
plus, we are completly digital. We even have digital broadcasting and
editing complete digital and I don't think that I needed some special
skills. Where's the problem?

>> By the way, I say obvious, but this gives you one advice, always use
>> Type  1 DV Avis when you want to export files back to DV tape :)
> If you can explain how to get Type 1 DV AVI bigger than 2GB... thats
> what we are talking about in TV productions.
I checked now and I came on that we use Type 2 DV, which I didn't actualy
konw 'cause I didn't actualy need, but we don't have any similar problems.
What method you use to download materials back to tape? Again, if the
mechanism is ok, there'll be no need to use Type 1.

And carefully, don't misstake AVI Type 2 (AVI2 or OpenDML avi) and AVI DV
Type 2. I think that having Type-1 AVI DV (one stream) in OpenDML AVI
(AVI2) should be possible. Anyway it should not be necessary as I've
already written.

>> Those troubles with sound seems like the other cam uses 22khz or 44khz
>> instead of 48khz samplerate, which should not be a prob when converted
>> correctly, but obviously somewhere they aren't. Again, it isn't a good
>> idea to use lower samplerate, because of interpolation during
>> conversion  to higher samplerates.
> I wish I stayed with radio :) Yes, complexity of the product increases
> untracebly problems.

no doubt ;)

>> And another facts for this comes to my mind. I've got problems in VLC
>> with  playing DV Avis even when they are pure Type 1, without any audio
>> stream  in avi container, which should make any probs with indexing by
>> my opinion.  Maybe the prob is when VLC demuxes audio and video from DV
>> stream? But why  it doesn't hang when not using ffmpeg decoder then?
> Maybe a clue: mplayer warns after around 37 seconds in every stream it
> goes further in -ni mode because of a bad interpolated stream. Good
> index reading might be the case with more players, OpenDML support is
> great but if you can't get A/V in sync than the product isn't usuable.

Well we can blame indexing indeed :)

> Stefan
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