[vlc-devel] UNICODE

· zcot · cutmancw at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 27 16:53:23 CEST 2005

hey guys..

there doesn't appear to be a way to build a wx contrib under cygwin with 
unicode.. -at least under win98 here.  I'm not sure the exact issue with it, 
but wx make fails on the calls of wcstol: undeclared.

configure shows:
checking for wputc... no
checking for wputchar... no

yet there are a handful of the other wide headers. I don't think it should 
be a problem, but obviously without the headers it's not going to work.

blahblahaahla. anyway if you want to give it a try download libunicows, make 
it, then copy the resultant lib to the lib directory.. -this will be good 
for linkage and will get picked up by the wx config because you will add the 
--enable-mslu opt.

the wx config output should show:
checking for main in -lunicows... yes

as for runtime the opencow.dll can be distributed with vlc:
..and it would only be used under a win9x environment, while any other 
system will provide resident support from the o/s.

tbh i have no clue how successful this situation will be because the opencow 
dll is incomplete.  If users install the m$ solution it should be fine but 
that doesn't seem to be an option.

So, in my mind I think the attempt at building like this could potentially 
be a problem anyway depending on the calls made from source and the 
available functions of opencow, and evidently I have no way to even test it 

Alternatively, and there was no problem before, don't force the wx contrib 
into unicode usage... or let any autoconfiguration scheme pick it up as 
unicode. -and there was still some form of unicode support anyway.

I would be curious.. -how has unicode been working up until now with using 
the wx contribs that are not unicode, and what added functionality is 
available by building the wx contrib under the --enable-unicode situation?  
All wx contribs up until now have not been unicode.  What is the requirement 
that forces the need to build wx with unicode?

It doesn't seem as prudent of a situation messing around with this a few 
days before a release O_O

any suggestions on getting a full set of headers for cygwin?

any hints on a grep line that will pull all relevant unicode calls from the 
wx source.. -to be cross-referenced to the available implementations in 


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