[vlc-devel] Re: vlc: svn commit r13006 (fkuehne)

Marian Durkovic md at bts.sk
Sat Oct 29 10:52:26 CEST 2005

On Sat, Oct 29, 2005 at 09:36:05AM +0200, Cl?ment Stenac wrote:
> > IMHO, so long as it is a simple wizard (= GUI) modification, I would say 
> > it is ok before -test2 to offer RTP from the wizard, so long as UDP can 
> > also still be chosen. I've not checked thoroughly, but it should be a 
> The main problem I see here is that the wizard is already a bit too
> complex IMHO. Adding both UDP and RTP, with a text explaining the
> difference will make it even more complex.

Yes, this was exactly what I was thinking... However, it might be perhaps
possible to shrink UDP unicast and UDP multicast into second button named 
"UDP", rename the first button to "RTP" and change the description that
user could enter unicast or multicast address on both (???)

> The wizard should make the best choice for most users. Other users can
> use the more complex full dialog.

Yes, fully agree.
> I personnally think it might be better to leave UDP, because some things
> will just not work with RTP. Anyway, we already state that UDP is not
> adapted for internet streaming.

Do we have a list of clients/devices not able to accept TS over RTP?
Looking at the SAP sessions announced in the multicast-enabled Internet,
most of them are RTP these days - and most VLC users are aware of the
need for RTP, even if they incorrectly announce their session as being
raw UDP - but I've fixed this in [12899] so this should disappear as soon
as they upgrade to 0.8.4.

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