[vlc-devel] Re: win95/98/me problems with utf8 wrappers

Daniel Stränger vlc at schmaller.de
Sun Apr 23 22:44:26 CEST 2006

> I don't think that this is enabled in the nightly builds but it will be
> before the end of the week. I'll reply to this thread when a build is
> available so you can test.
I assume it should be working with the latest 0.8.5-test3 !?
But I'm afraid it isn't :-(
i've installed the unicows.dll in several directories to ensure that it's found:
/windows/, /windows/system/, vlc-installation-folder and vlc-installation-folder/plugins.

I've built up a win98/cygwin build environment in the meanwhile,
but the self compiled version doesn't work eigther.
It seems to me that only "CreateDirectoryW" is dispatched by the unicows library,
because i can't find _wfopen() and _wstat/64() prefixed with "unicows_" in the symbol list.

Can I help with solving this compat problem?

Best regards,

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