[vlc-devel] Simultaneously playing an audio file and a separate framestack...

Anurag Singh anurag.email at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 13:50:06 CEST 2006

Hi All,

My company has a requirement where a wav file and a set of JPEG images are
playlisted in VLC and have to play together.

Obviously VLC plays wav file as well as the JPEG sequence (using MJPEG
codec) in the order they have been enqueued. What we need is as soon as the
wav file play starts, the images should also start appearing at 24 fps. That
will give illusion of a video with sound while preserving frame level grain
(later we need to be able to draw upon these frames using mouse and in our
workflow not all frames/images will change everytime - so we need this
arrangement of elementary frames over a packaged movie/stream). But for this
the first step is to be able to play two playlist items simultaneously.

We are against a timeline and almost regretted it when we faced problems in
compiling VLC from source. Any suggestions, opinion, pointers to starting
points for modifying code will indeed be helpful.

Ittina Studios
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