[vlc-devel] Re: Simultaneously playing an audio file and a separate framestack...

Benjamin Pracht bigben+spam at videolan.org
Tue Apr 25 23:07:19 CEST 2006

Le mardi 25 avril 2006 à 17:20 +0530, Anurag Singh a écrit :
> Hi All,
> My company has a requirement where a wav file and a set of JPEG images
> are playlisted in VLC and have to play together. 
> Obviously VLC plays wav file as well as the JPEG sequence (using MJPEG
> codec) in the order they have been enqueued. What we need is as soon
> as the wav file play starts, the images should also start appearing at
> 24 fps. That will give illusion of a video with sound while preserving
> frame level grain (later we need to be able to draw upon these frames
> using mouse and in our workflow not all frames/images will change
> everytime - so we need this arrangement of elementary frames over a
> packaged movie/stream). But for this the first step is to be able to
> play two playlist items simultaneously. 
> We are against a timeline and almost regretted it when we faced
> problems in compiling VLC from source. Any suggestions, opinion,
> pointers to starting points for modifying code will indeed be helpful.

What you are trying to do can be done with the input-slave option of
VLC. However, input-slave requires demuxers to have been updated to a
new VLC API. All VLC's demuxers haven't been. I'm really not sure about
the wav and mjpeg demuxes. You should give it a try.

An alternative would be to use VLM (so command 2 independent VLC
instances from a single cli). However, since there will be no
synchronisation between the 2 instances, drifts may occur between audio
and video.


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