[vlc-devel] Re: java bindings / mac os x

Kuldipsingh Pabla Kuldipsingh.Pabla at Sun.COM
Thu Aug 10 22:38:51 CEST 2006

Since I am not a MAC person, I may not be able to help much with it. 
That said,

1) first make sure that you have VLC running on your machine.
2) You will need to put the VLC libs on equivalent of LD_LIBRARY_PATH on 
Solaris. I do not what it is on MAC. I would guess it is LD_LIBRARY_PATH 
as it is FreeBSD based.
3) You will need to recompile JVLC on your machine by tweaking makefiles 
- I may be able to help with this.


Sciss wrote:
> i tried once to build JVLC on mac but i didn't succeed. unfortunately  i 
> have no knowledge about how to deal with JNI. you cannot just take  the 
> windows or linux makefile, you rather have to know how DLLs work  (or on 
> Mac how dynlibs(?) work). i now java very well, but C++ almost  not at 
> all. the JVLC developer can't help me as he's not familiar  with Mac OS 
> X. seems that most VLC folks are on windows or linux. i  keep trying ...
> best, -sciss-
> Am 10.08.2006 um 22:17 schrieb Kuldipsingh Pabla:
>> Hi Sciss,
>> As you can imagine, JVLC is built on top of VLC using JNI. If you  
>> have VLC running on your Mac, JVLC will work fine as long as you  put 
>> VLC libs in Library paths.
>> hth,
>> -Kuldip
>> Sciss wrote:
>>> hallo,
>>> i'm posting again since i can't remember having the previous post   
>>> seen on the list. thx, -sciss-
>>> Am 08.08.2006 um 17:12 schrieb Sciss:
>>>> hi,
>>>> i'm new to the list ; i have practically no knowledge about the   
>>>> internas of vlc ; i'm looking for a fairly easy way to get a  video  
>>>> controller in my sound editor (see a video in timeline  sync with  
>>>> sound), and it should be platform independant and open  source  
>>>> stuff. so i saw there's that JVLC project but  unfortunately it's  
>>>> not working on mac os x (my development  platform). in the wiki it  
>>>> says that VLC already comes with a  compilation option to enable  
>>>> java bindings.
>>>> question is : can someone help me set up a VLC build that allows  
>>>> me  from java (on mac os x) to create a canvas for video playback?
>>>> otherwise, any other suggestions? i'm not going to use JMF since  
>>>> as  far as i know the media types support is totally bad  (probably 
>>>> a  joke just like java sound).
>>>> thanks a lot! best, -sciss-

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