[vlc-devel] JVLC Stream Output - No control available?

Joerg vlc-ml at aab.noctis.de
Mon Aug 28 13:52:33 CEST 2006


after getting such a quick answer regarding my Direct3D problem, maybe 
someone here is able to help me with JVLC (the Java bindings) as well:

I'm trying to send a stream (video) from JVLC. After some trouble I 
managed to set up broadcasting with a somewhat patched version of JVLC on 
windows (I'll provide the changes, once I'm finshed and confident that it 
works). I'm adding streams via JVLC.vlm.addBroadcast and start them there 
as well (see "Addendum"), after noticing that a simple "setOutput" does 
not provide me with the means to set up streaming and control it via 
JVLC.playlist and JVLC.input.

But: after setting up the stream with addBroadcast I am unable to get its 
status (input.getPosition) or control it (input.setPosition, 
input.isPlaying). I've been digging around in the (lib)VLC source, trying 
to find a hint on how to get and add these control features into vlm but 
failed so far.

So here are my condensed questions:

1) Is it possible to set the output to an RTP stream while maintaining 
control over the playback with (J)VLCs input and playlist objects?

2) If that is not possible, how can I control (jump/seek) a stream that 
was setup with vlm.addBroadcast?

Finally, I noticed a problem with JVCL.isInputPlaying() in the version I'm 
using (vlc-snapshot-20060816): When playing an MP3 file it returns false, 
while JVLC.input.isPlaying() returns the proper "true" value.

I'd be very (very) happy if someone could help me :)


I'm adding the stream to broadcast as follows (sourceURI is the MRL of the 
input - a filename in most cases):

String output="#std{access=rtp,mux=ts,dst="+remote_addr+":"+remote_port+"}";
String dummy[]=new String[0]; // options - no clue which options are valid
vlc.vlm.addBroadcast("send", sourceURI, output, dummy, true, false);
vlc.vlm.setOutput("send", output);

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