[vlc-devel] Re: JVLC Stream Output - No control available?

filippo@carone.org castore filippo at carone.org
Mon Aug 28 23:20:24 CEST 2006

Joerg ha scritto:
> Hi,
> after getting such a quick answer regarding my Direct3D problem, maybe
> someone here is able to help me with JVLC (the Java bindings) as well:
> I'm trying to send a stream (video) from JVLC. After some trouble I
> managed to set up broadcasting with a somewhat patched version of JVLC
> on windows (I'll provide the changes, once I'm finshed and confident
> that it works). I'm adding streams via JVLC.vlm.addBroadcast and start
> them there as well (see "Addendum"), after noticing that a simple
> "setOutput" does not provide me with the means to set up streaming and
> control it via JVLC.playlist and JVLC.input.
> But: after setting up the stream with addBroadcast I am unable to get
> its status (input.getPosition) or control it (input.setPosition,
> input.isPlaying). I've been digging around in the (lib)VLC source,
> trying to find a hint on how to get and add these control features
> into vlm but failed so far.
> So here are my condensed questions:
> 1) Is it possible to set the output to an RTP stream while maintaining
> control over the playback with (J)VLCs input and playlist objects?
> 2) If that is not possible, how can I control (jump/seek) a stream
> that was setup with vlm.addBroadcast?
> Finally, I noticed a problem with JVCL.isInputPlaying() in the version
> I'm using (vlc-snapshot-20060816): When playing an MP3 file it returns
> false, while JVLC.input.isPlaying() returns the proper "true" value.

Hi Joerg,
I'll take a look at your questions as soon as I can, right now I don't
have enough time :(, but I can tell I'll get a chance to give you
feedback by the weekend.

> I'd be very (very) happy if someone could help me :)
> Regards,
> Jörg

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