[vlc-devel] x264 SSE on Intel Macs..

Brian Raymond braymond at echostorm.net
Fri Dec 1 14:40:00 CET 2006

It looks like with a recent commit to x264 SSE is working on Intel  
Macs again. In 0.8.6 svn I disabled the osx-intel patch, and forced a  
checkout of x264 head. To get it to compile correctly I needed to use  
nasm out of my XCode 2.4.1 install, the version downloaded by VLC  
couldn't handle the alignment change made to .text. Tested by  
transcoding a PAL source and at 2mbps and the result looked good  
(most importantly no crashes) ,it did it nearly real time with a  
single core so it's definitely good to have the speed back.

I didn't submit a patch to make the changes discussed because this  
does look like it might need a newer version of XCode, I'm not sure  
if 2.3 is usable or not.

- Brian

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