[vlc-devel] Re: [bmpx] Re: [Banshee-List] [bmpx] Re: Proposal for a common D-Bus interface for media players

Anders Gustafsson andersg at 0x63.nu
Thu Dec 7 11:22:34 CET 2006

William Pitcock wrote:
> Hi there,
> I think org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer would be fine. In the case of
> multiple players, I think that unavailability of binding to the common
> org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer
> object should not block however.
> If implemented correctly, this would be perfect. However, some other
> issues arise:
> - What if the user wants to switch his preferred media player from
> Amarok to
>   BMPx, Videolan, Audacious or XMMS2?

I think this all is a non issue. First come first served should be fine.
If the user for some reason has multiple mediaplayers running (why? oh
why?) and doesn't want the player (s)he starts first to be the one
contactable through org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer (s)he unchecks the
"enable generic mediaplayer control" checkbox in the preferences of that

IMHO the whole point of this interface is that is must be as simple as

Lets repeat what I wrote on our (XMMS2) wiki;

First, we need to ask the question: "What is the purpose of this interface?"

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