[vlc-devel] MPRIS: Basic common API

Sham Chukoury eleusis at xmms.org
Sun Dec 10 23:37:15 CET 2006


I thought it would be best to split the process of properly defining this spec 
into two parts: 1) the API, 2) DBUS interface + implementation details. We've 
already seen some discussion about handling the default interface name and other 
such implementation details, but IMHO the most important task is to first come 
to an agreement about the interface itself. (That is, coming to an agreement 
about which common player operations to support)

I've defined a 'basic' API defining methods that I think most media players 
would support: [1]

- I modified the 'M' in 'MPRIS' to mean 'Music', as it seems to me that this 
spec will mostly apply to music/audio players (for now anyway), rather than more 
generic media players (with video).
- The idea is that, once we've defined a 'basic' common interface, we can then 
talk about an 'extended' interface with operations that are supported in some, 
but not all, players. Following that, we can discuss how to make the extended 
interface available. This way, even if we can't come to agreement about the best 
way to *implement* the interface, we still have an abstract description of it 
that others may build upon later.
- Anders and Milosz have already made some comments about the basic interface:
   - Use of milliseconds gives the impression that the 'basic' API is really 
more of an 'advanced' API. (Though my reasoning was that the spec could specify 
a high resolution, with each player implementation rounding the value up or down 
to its nearest supported resolution.)
   - Add/Enqueue should support the loading of both playable stream URLs (files, 
http streams, etc) and playlists (M3U, etc).

Please review the page and tell me what you think.


[1] http://wiki.xmms2.xmms.se/index.php/Media_Player_Interfaces#Common_Interface

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