[vlc-devel] Re: [RFC] vlc: svn commit r18429 (jb)

Clément Stenac zorglub at videolan.org
Wed Dec 20 21:06:40 CET 2006

So, to answer

> "Open Disc..." should really be simplified. I don't know if the input
> can be made so that VLC figures out automatically whether it is a DVD,
> VCD or CDDA, but it should, and in any case the user should not need to
> specify that and should not see the intricate advanced open dialog to
> view a DVD. At worst, ask which driver is to be used and that's about
> it (but unfortunately, this is probably platform-specific).

* Yes, the disc thing *could* be simplified, and we could autodetect
everything, we simply don't do it, and it will probably not be ready for
0.9.0. There has been in the past an incredible mess in this area with
ugly detection code directly put in the WX files. This will obviously
not be reproduced in Qt.

Some things have been started, but nothing has really advanced yet. We
currently have one external contributor looking at this problem, but in
early stages.

* I think the best thing would be to embed a file selector inside the
file tab and just add the few extra options like subtitles to it.
However, Qt does not have this directly (nor did WX): it has a file
selector dialog, but no file selector widget. It can of course be fixed
by ripping the code of the file selector from Qt source. This would get
us rid of simple open and just leave us with "file open" that would be
quite usable.

> I don't really know about capture device as I never use them.

I think these should stay as tabs. However, I'm quite against redoing
the autogenerated thing. With UI designer, doing a panel and use it to
generate a MRL can be made with much less code than in WX and much less
layout trouble. Generating our dialogs ourselves allows us to make
usable dialogs instead of vertical lists of options.

> The Wx file tab is ok to me, the disk tab looks ok; it should become 
> fully understandable if the default options for Subtitle and Audio 
> track should get a better name (such as "Auto" or "None" or whatever is 
> appropriate) instead of "-1" which only developpers can understand.
Agreed, not done at the moment in Qt.

> The network tab is awful (I REALLY mean the network tab, NOT the 
> streaming output dialog). I suspect it's almost useless. Replacing all 
> four existing options with a single URL text area would probably be as 
> good.

It has been replaced with an URL field + a protocol selector and a port
selector. "Clever" things have been partly implemented, but not totally
(detect if the URL already has a protocol, ...)

> Finally, the stream output dialog... Well obviously it is extremely 
> complicated, but it is meant to be, so I don't really know.
This one has been replicated ...

> And oh yeah, that would REALLY be LOT of work :( And we've not even 
> talked about the Streaming wizard.

Streaming wizard won't be redone, the current plan is to just deprecate
it for 0.9.0 and replace it totally with streaming profiles in next


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