[vlc-devel] DirectX video output module update possible?

Robert Scheffler Bob at pricom.com
Fri Feb 3 09:46:08 CET 2006


The current DirectX output module seems to be based on DX2 calls which
include page 'flipping' to handle on-screen and off-screen buffers. I am
having issues with overlaying transparent dialog boxes, or any other app
over VLC. When anything is over the VLC output window, VLC flashes/flickers
as it invalidates the region during playback. I can demonstrate this
behavior with old DirectX programs, but the new samples with the DirectX 9.0
SDK do not do this anymore. I derive from this that the older DX2-style
calls with the flipping can be improved my moving to the DX9-style calls
with 'present' instead of the flipping. Does anyone have an opinion about
this? I would like to do this conversion to DX9 but do not know the
cross-platform compiling implications. The output filter may not be
buildable on non-windows machines. Because of this consideration, I would
probably just create a new output filter from the existing one and call it
"DirectX9" then both will be there.

Any comments or suggestions? If someone is more skilled in this area, I
would be happy to not do it myself. If nobody else, then I will do it.


Bob Scheffler

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