[vlc-devel] Parser bug for Linux with vlc-snapshot-20060213.tar.gz

frahm at irsamc.ups-tlse.fr frahm at irsamc.ups-tlse.fr
Mon Feb 13 13:23:09 CET 2006

I am not sure if I am the first to notice but there seems to be a parser
bug (at least in Linux) in vlc-snapshot-20060213.tar.gz which is not
present in the previous snapshot versions. When I simply try from a

vlc file.mpg

he refuses to play "file.mpg" becauses he adds some strange characters
to "file.mpg" such that the file name is changed and no longer found
(this can be seen in the message-window). Afterwards it is possible to
play the file by selecting it with the graphical menu interface. 
Therefor this is not a problem as such to play the mpeg file but only a
problem to parse correctly the file name from the shell (at least this
is my impression).

Greetings, Klaus.

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