[vlc-devel] Black bars around video

Greg Farrell greg at gregfarrell.org
Fri Feb 24 17:24:42 CET 2006


   since I upgraded my xorg to 6.8.2 and my via driver vlc displays
black bars around video sources if their aspect ratio does not match the
screen dimensions.

   I'm playing 4:3 AR movies and varied AR multi-cast tv over-ip streams
in a window thats 1024x688.

   Previously vlc used to magically stretch the content to exactly fit
that 1024x688 window which was great. Now it maintains the correct AR
and pads with black bars. To us it looks better to stretch a 4:3
slightly to fill the screen, how do we make it do this again please?

  I managed to force it to do this for our 4:3 movies with a
monitor-aspect-ratio string, but as the tv broadcasts are varying AR
this still leaves them looking poor.


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