[vlc-devel] Additional x264 options/unification

Dennis van Amerongen Dennis.vanAmerongen at nob.nl
Fri Feb 24 19:11:52 CET 2006

Patch for unification and addition of several x264 options (using x264
commandline interface as reference):

8x8dct, asm, bime, chroma-me, chroma-qp-offset, cplxblur, direct,
ipratio, nr, pbratio, qblur, qcomp, qpstep, verbose. Changed (no-)psnr,
(no-)b-adapt, (no-)fast-pskip to similar usage as (no-)cabac. Deprecated
options in favor of x264 cli equivalents (subpel -> subme, frameref ->
ref, etc.) for unification.

Improved order of adding partitions in analyse modes as suggested by
Pengvado (#x264): i4x4,p8x8,i8x8+8x8dct,b8x8,p4x4 (at low bitrate i8x8
would be more important than i4x4 though). Using i8x8 results in a "High
Profile" setting (not all decoders seem to support that). i8x8 requires
8x8dct which is now a seperate option (default disabled).

Question: Any objections on changing default sout transcode vb to 0
instead of an arbitrarily value of 800?

This default transcode value is always passed on as average bitrate for
x264 when no vb is specified in commandline. Selecting qp or crf mode
(only works commandline, no options in the wizard) requires explicity
setting vb=0. Original code used qp=0 for bitrate mode (which is not the
default in x264 either, that is 26 and 0 is needed for lossless mode).

This change would benefit VLC x264 commandline/advanced usage and not
affect normal usage from GUI since the transcode wizard still provides
basic values for bitrate mode. Or are there any other dependencies?


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