[vlc-devel] Re: Streaming to windows media server

Viktor Kompaneyets vato at wnet.ua
Fri Jan 6 15:53:24 CET 2006

Jean-Paul Saman wrote:

> Richard Bronkhorst wrote:
>> Hi everyone
>> Is it possible to use a vlc output stream as input for windows media
>> services 2003? I could not get it to work, wms says that the source is
>> not a compatible encoder. i've checked the http response and it's
>> different from the response the windows media encoder gives.
> It is a known issue that VLC streamer doesn't work with wme2003.
> Currently the only thing we know is that wm2k3 expects another answer on
> the last request before streaming begins. The problem is that we
> currently don't know what wm2k3 ask and what it expects. AFAIK this is
> the only problem to solve to get vlc and wm2k3 to work together.
>> Is there a way to easily fix this?
> Only if you know the wm2k3 MMS protocol ;-)
> What we do know is that vlc and wme2000 work well together.

But - not work with RealServer9, which works fine with WindowsMediaEncoder9

Viktor Kompaneyets
Wnet project manager

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