[vlc-devel] BUG?: VLM RTSP Streamer not correctly setting film length

Greg Farrell greg at gregfarrell.org
Mon Jan 9 17:24:22 CET 2006


  I'm using vlm to stream videos on demand via rtsp.
I followed the VLM chapter from the how-to and I'm able to
play vod movies. However get_length doesn't work.

This is because the a:=range string in the sdp is never created by
modules/misc/rtsp.c::SDPGenerate(). The value of p_media->i_length
passed to the SDPGenerate() function is 0. I've tested with a quick
hack of 
p += sprintf( p, "a=range:npt=0-%.3f\r\n", ((float)(53)) );

and get_length will then correctly in my client vlc report a length
of 53.

I've tried this with a number of source movies (all of which I can play
correctly via vlc from the HD). Is this a known bug by any chance? Does
anybody have a suggestion on why the p_media->i_length is still set to 0
when it's passed to SDPGenerate() and what should have correctly set it?

It's taken me a fair while to narrow it down to this so before I head
home for the day I thought I'd see if anybody could give me a hand and
save me probably a lot of time.

   thanks a lot,

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