[vlc-devel] BUG modules/demux/ts.c DEMUX_GET_LENGTH

Greg Farrell greg at gregfarrell.org
Tue Jan 10 13:24:55 CET 2006


   I've been researching the problem I posted about yesterday concerning
vlm not populating the a=range: section of a sdp file about a TS mpeg

I've traced it back to modules/demux/ts.c. VLM only creates the a=range:
section of a sdp file if the media items duration is > 0. It gets this
duration by calling the Control() function of it's demuxer, in this case
the Control() function in modules/demux/ts.c.

However this has the sections for DEMUX_GET_LENGTH and DEMUX_GET_TIME
#ifdef'd out and instead returns a hard-coded value of 0. This has been
ifdef'd out since as far back as the online trac repository goes so I
can't see any comment about why this was done. Surely this is a bug?

As it will not return the duration of the TS stream VLM cannot tell the
length of the files content and will not tell any clients the film

Can anyone fix this or tell me why it's like this and what I should try
and do?

thanks a lot,

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