[vlc-devel] SuSE 10.1 Distribution

Jonathan Cottrill jmcottrill at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 03:04:57 CEST 2006



I see on your website that you do not have anyone creating VLC packages for
the SuSE Linux distro, and I'm interested in working on the project.


In the past, I have used VLC on the SuSE 10.0 platform by downloading a slew
of third-party RPMs to satisfy the dependencies, and then using an older
third-party SuSE RPM to install VLC. This more or less works, but I would
like to have the most recent version, and it would be great if I could share
that with others in the SuSE community.


One caveat: I have quite limited time right now, and I can't promise to be
able to see the project through to completion. I'm willing to work on it as
I have the time, if someone is willing to guide me in what I need to do.


Thanks for your time.





Jonathan Cottrill

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