[vlc-devel] looking for a video/audio live encoding/streaming expert for paying project

Guillaume Cohen guillaume.cohen at polytechnique.org
Wed Jul 26 01:49:23 CEST 2006


I work for a angel-backed start-up based in Palo Alto, CA developing
enterprise services for video broadcasting. We are currently using a
commercial SDK from Envivio and we would like to replace it with a light sdk
based on open source components (x264, libavcodec, FAAC, live555, etc).

The final sdk would involve a live video/audio capture from directshow
sources, encoding in MPEG-4 SP/AVC and AAC, and RTP streaming. It should
accept encoding parameters in the form of an XML file and also output a sdp

These are functionalities somewhat supported by VLC but there are 2 issues:
 - VLC is too big for our need (we need the file size of the library to be
much smaller)
 - there are some issue with streaming when using h264
 - there are some instabilities with the directshow capture causing frequent

This project can be viewed as a subset of VLC that is specialized and
cleaned up for what we need.

We will also need to port this component to mac OS X eventually.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in working on such a project,
please let me know and I'll give more info.
(I also have some full-time job opportunities too if anyone wants to work in
Silicon Valley).

Good job on the VLC project. You have a good reputation out here in

Guillaume Cohen

Guillaume.cohen at polytechnique.org
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