[vlc-devel] Re: Two inputs at the same time.

Benjamin Pracht bigben+spam at videolan.org
Tue Jun 6 22:27:39 CEST 2006

Le mardi 06 juin 2006 à 13:52 +0300, Lukasz Kondrad a écrit :

> Hello, 
> Thanks for your response. I will go through these files. 
> I am woriking on DVB-H module. I need information from a sdp file
> during demultilexing rtp flow which is taken from mpe section of TS.

What are you trying to do exactly ? Parsing the whole dvb-h ts stream in
VLC (and then implementing an ip stack in VLC ?). Have you tried to
register your dvb adapter as a network adapter in the OS ? Then the
existing livedotcom module *should* be enough to read dvb-h streams,
once provided the sdp file. We would be interested in feedback on that


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