[vlc-devel] Re: Problem with an acces_demux module

Christophe Démaret vlc at cdemaret.com
Sun Jun 18 11:56:43 CEST 2006

Laurent Aimar a écrit :
>  For vlc yes, but the vlc avi muxer will not create a 'valid' avi file with
> raw video (it will be playable only by vlc).

I'm working with VLC everywhere so this is not a problem

>  That's because you use a very low FPS and vlc doesn't like it.
> Try
>  vlc test01.avi :file-caching=20000

It works. Great, thanks :).
I can even transcode to MJPG and read the AVI. Hmm, but I can't stream
since TS still doen't work :-/

>  TS muxer doesn't like such low FPS (and beside it's not valid to mux
> raw video data in TS).

Well, not less valid than Windows Media Video or MJPEG. I patched ts.c
to accept RV24.
But is it "doesn't like" like "it is completely impossible to do, will
never be fixed and nobody sane should ever talk about it" or like "hmmm
someone put a check somewhere, you just have a line to patch" ?
mux/mpeg/ts.c is VERY long and not that easy to understand :-/
I've tried to work with the if controlling the display of the warning
message but there was no result :-/
I can't get anything except 0 bytes long files and this nice message
about strange TS.
Is there any hope for me or should I just look for another solution
(like mux=ogg and access=http) ?

Thanks for your help


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