[vlc-devel] Issue with VBrick Mpeg-4 RTSP stream in mosaic. Looking for help to try and fix in code.

Ehren Jarosek ejarosek at renovosoftware.com
Mon Jun 26 19:07:23 CEST 2006

Please feel free to yell at me if I am posting to the wrong mailing list.

Basically, the problem I am experiencing is related to doing mosaic streams using the VBrick MPEG-4 units.  To simply view the VBrick rtsp:// stream works fine.  However, when I try to use the rtsp:// stream as a mosaic input it starts receiving errors, either lost packets or the following:

[00000384] [Media: channel1] ffmpeg decoder warning: ac-tex damaged at 20 14
 (mpeg4 at 0x8bdd320)
[00000384] [Media: channel1] ffmpeg decoder warning: Error at MB: 342
 (mpeg4 at 0x8bdd320)
[00000384] [Media: channel1] ffmpeg decoder debug: concealing 51 DC, 51 AC, 51 MV errors
 (mpeg4 at 0x8bdd320)

I am not sure but it might be related to https://trac.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/432 (Ticket #432).  Alot of the symptoms are similar.

Anyway, what I was looking for was any hints as to where I might be able to start looking.  Since the stream plays properly when outputted to the display I assume ffmpeg is able to properly handle the video.  What difference is there in the decoding process that it might follow when going into the mosaic that would not happen when going to the display?  Might it be something with the packetizer?

All help would be appreciated.  Thanks,

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