[vlc-devel] forcing PES alignment to 188 bytes

Greg Farrell greg at gregfarrell.org
Fri Jun 30 17:02:32 CEST 2006


   I'm trying to use vlc generated transport streams which contain mpgv 
video and mpga audio
with a Kasenna server. The Kasenna refuses to import them with an error 
of "*Error* asset has
a bit-rate less than 64 kbps"

According to google and Trax in #videolan this error is because my mpeg 
content doesn't have a
PES packet size a multiple of 188. So zero length adaption fields are 
confusing the Kasenna.

The only option I can find for configuring PES values is the 
sout-max-pes-size value for a PS.
However my files are TS with 2xES (1audio,1video) in them, so I don't 
understand how this
applies to them?

I found a thread about changes in the PES alignment code in TS, with a 
suggestion to comment
out the call to FixPES(), which I've done but it's made no difference.

Can anyone help please?


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