[vlc-devel] Bug Report - Audio Output Problems

Nick Bolten bolten at u.washington.edu
Wed Mar 15 01:15:14 CET 2006

Sorry if this is the incorrect place or method to be reporting a bug, 
but this is what was recommended to me from #videolan on freenode.

I'm running a gentoo Linux system, running stable aside from the 
suspend2-sources-2.6.15-r1 kernel (the gentoo-sources 2.6.15-r1 is 
stable, so I assume that the unstable bit is the suspend2 section).

So: Gentoo Linux, suspend2-sources-2.6.15-r1, KDE 3.4.3 stable.  The 
issue occurs in both VLC 0.8.2 and 0.8.4a.

I'm attempting to play .avis, .wmvs, .mpgs and DVD video from various 
sources, so the issue is not restricted to one format.  When I have 
audio output set to ALSA, I receive the same "starving" messages that 
have been reported in the past.  When I attempt to use aRts, the audio 
becomes out of sync and starts to lag behind.  pauses and restarting the 
video resyncs the audio and video, but I need to resync about every five 
minutes.  This issue was not present before switching from gnome to KDE, 
but is still present even when the arts service is disabled.

I hope that I have given enough information, but if more is required I 
can easily offer it.


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