[vlc-devel] Re: DEMUX_GET/SET_TIME for TS

Olivier Aubert oaubert at lisi.univ-lyon1.fr
Thu Mar 16 10:54:18 CET 2006


About this time-related discussion, I would like to point that vlc is
commonly used among researchers working with audiovisual material (in
the context of the Advene project, we are working with sociologists who
study human interaction).  A very common usage is to annotate (by hand
in a text transcription for the moment, that is what we want to change)
the video, and this relies heavily on precise positioning (ideally,
frame-precise) in the document.

I know that there is an intent to rework the synchronisation part of VLC
(at least, it is target for 0.8.6), to make it work better for the file
case, and I am looking forward to it.

In the meantime, could it be possible to forward the PTS (in movie time)
through the access/demux/output chain, so that we can get the exact
timestamp of output pictures (instead of approximating with p_input.time
- p_input->i_pts_delay)? This requires to add an attribute to p_picture,
so I am not confortable about doing it myself.


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