[vlc-devel] 0.8.5 release plans

=?utf-8?Q?Cl=E9ment?= Stenac zorglub at diwi.org
Tue Mar 28 10:59:09 CEST 2006


The current target for 0.8.5 is to release -test2 really soon now
(before the end of the week), even with some bugs left. 

The main target for test2 will be to finish strings review (see
http://wiki.videolan.org/index.php/0.8.5StringReview) so that
translators can start working as soon as possible). 

As usual, test2 will mean strings freeze, so please make sure that if
you have some uncommited string changes, you do them really soon.

We also have a couple of changes since test1 that we would like people
to test soon, which is the reason for this release:
  * HTTP interface fixes + "Mosaic Wizard"
  * XSPF playlist support
  * Some more encoding fixes
  * Experimental behaviour change for framedropping
About framedropping: it was enabled by default, and isn't anymore. This
can cause some trouble when playing high definition streams with a too
slow computer (like: it used to be jerky, it might not play anymore), but
it is reported to vastly improve quality for many users. This is
probably due to an unfound bug in the framedropping algorithm, so
defaulting to disabling it is rather a workaround than a proper fix. 
Please give us some feedback about the behaviour of this.

If you want to re-enable it, go to Preferences/Video and check the "skip
frames" option. Save preferences. Command line option is --skip-frames.

If needed, a quick test3 release will be made before the final release.

Clément Stenac

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