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Ramon Serna Oliver serna_oliver at eit.uni-kl.de
Wed May 10 10:57:17 CEST 2006


I´m new here and also in VLC so I beg your pardon if my question is a bit too 
In my university we have a few nice theoretical algorithms for video 
scheduling under limitted resources circumstances and recently we decided 
that we would like to implement some of them on a real media player. We 
thought that VLC would be perfect for that an thus I´m trying to see where to 
"put" our code.
What we want is to control the way in which the (video)frames are sent (when 
broadcasting) through the network so, basically, after the frame being 
encoded and prepared to be sent I want to add some code to manipulate those 
packets (basically I would like to "drop" some of them under certain 
So, first question is where should I start looking to place this code: 
src/stream_output.c or maybe modules/stream_out/*? Is there any chance to 
write something like a plug-in to process the stream before sending it?... As 
you can see I'm a bit lost into the code and I don't have a clear "image" of 
what happens where, and when... I haven't found clear information on the 
documentation (there is some in "VLC mp API doc", but is not so deep 
Well, basically any help addressing to a starting point will be very 
appreciated, or if there is any more extensive source of documentation that 
I'm missing too (I only know the files in videolan.org/developers).

Thanks in advanced,


Ramon Serna Oliver

Kaiserslautern University of Technology
Department of Real Time and Embedded Systems
Erwin-Schrödinger-Strasse Gebäude 12, Raum 519
67663 - Kaiserslautern -Germany-
Tel: +49 631 - 205 3129

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