[vlc-devel] Enquiry Into Media Player

Sherlock, John J.R.Sherlock at 2002.ljmu.ac.uk
Tue Nov 7 23:56:52 CET 2006

I'm personally building the source code of VLC within the PS2 Linux Kit environment and I'm experiencing problems with the PS2 Linux lack of resources, especially memory but I'm currently attempting to review the code of VLC to stream and buffer the media being played on a memory card offering 64mb instead of the 10mb available within the Linux Kit.
The reasoning behind this, as part of my MSc project I've been researching the capabilities of the PS2 as a media player with possible applications of On-Demand TV and need to attain further memory for the buffering of media streams otherwise the Linux Kit will become useless as a media platform.
Therefore I was wondering if anybody can point me within the right direction within the code of VLC which loads and controls the connection of a stream and the buffering via codecs with regard to the accessing of the platforms memory.
In advance I thank you, for any information or advice you can give
John Sherlock
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