[vlc-devel] Bug building trunk on Windows/Cygwin -- QT4 -- uic file

Mark Moriarty mfmbusiness at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 13 01:22:54 CET 2006

I built extras/contrib with help from funman.
I've got a pretty current trunk -- revision 17731.
The make seemed to progress OK, until reaching modules/GUI/QT4
make[5]: Entering directory `/home/mfm/vlc-trunk/modules/gui/qt4'
/home/mfm/vlc-trunk/autotools/install-sh -d ui
/home/mfm/vlc-trunk/extras/contrib/bin/uic ui/equalizer.ui -> ui/equalizer.h
rm -f ui/equalizer.h
echo "#define Q_(a,b) QString::fromUtf8(_(a))" > ui/equalizer.h
/home/mfm/vlc-trunk/extras/contrib/bin/uic -tr "Q_" ui/equalizer.ui >>
in/uic: cannot execute binary file
make[5]: *** [ui/equalizer.h] Error 126
make[5]: Leaving directory `/home/mfm/vlc-trunk/modules/gui/qt4'
make[4]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

I went to extras/contrib/bin.  There is indeed a file called uic there (no
file extension).  When I opened it in a text editor, I see as the first

It definitely isn't any kind of executable script (clearly not really a text
file), nor is it a file that's executable on a Windows platform.

For kicks, I renamed it uic.exe, found that it indeed won't execute (in my
Cygwin bash).

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