[vlc-devel] Qt 4 Interface Help Offer

Leo Spalteholz leo.spalteholz at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 23:14:49 CET 2006

Hi all,

I just recently found out about the plans for the new Qt 4 interface for
VLC.  I checked out the source and had a look at it and it looks promising.
Definitely much preferable to the old interface for me.

That said, there is obviously still lots of work to be done on it, something
I might be able to help with.  I develop Qt 4 based apps for my work, so I
have some experience in the area.  Therefore I was going to ask who, if
anyone, is actively working on the Qt4 interface, or whether I can work on
it a bit and submit patches.  I don't want to be stepping on toes if someone
already has a vision for the new interface, so if that's the case, let me
know and I'll wait until after the release to much around with it.  I don't
know yet how much time I have to work on it, I'm just wondering if it's
worth my time to dive into the code at this point.

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