[vlc-devel] Re: vlc: svn commit r17999 (courmisch)

Rémi Denis-Courmont rem at videolan.org
Thu Nov 23 17:06:07 CET 2006

Le jeudi 23 novembre 2006 16:07, Marian Durkovic a écrit :
> > VLC has never been able to properly filter out ASM sources (and not
> > even SSM sources in fact, though this is far more theoretical a
> > problem), since VLC never ever used connect() toward the right
> > source address when doing multicast. I DO intend to do that in
> > 0.9.0.
> This is not true. Under WinXP, if you issue SSM join, the OS properly
> allows only the specified source. You have just broken this.

*Perhaps* Winsock does break the customs in yet another manner. Even 
then, it was still badly broken on anything else. Now it is finally 
working fine on my decent-IP-stack-given system.

I would not consider something to be working if it only works on the 
most bug-ridden IP stack that I have ever dealt with.

> > If the commit is reverted, VLC will return to the very bad state
> > where it fails as soon as a source address is specified for ASM
> > (why you've been complaining about with SAP source-filter for so
> > long).

> No, with fallback which is already in IPv4 code it complains, but
> correctly falls back to IGMPv2.

That's not the point. The fallback is meant for IP stacks that DO NOT 
support SSM signaling AT ALL. [17999] is about system that DO support 
SSM signaling but may want to perform source filtering on ASM.

You have been complaining loudly about VLC adding the source-filter 
automatically in SDPs because, you said, it broke ASM by causing 
receiving VLC to try SSM for ASM-based streams. Now you are complaining 
that VLC will not try SSM for ASM-based streams, when there is a 
source-filter. You are contradicting yourself.

Rémi Denis-Courmont
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