[vlc-devel] 0.8.6-bugfix for Win32

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Fri Apr 6 14:30:19 CEST 2007


Just to give you the status of win32 compilation and test on branch.

The biggest problem for codecs that VLC had on Win32 was the VP31 problem (search the forum if needed), and the lack of VP60/VP61.

So, I have been recompiling the contribs for branch in altair i386 chroot. VP6* were correctly working on that one, but vp31 was still choppy/buggy, so I backported libavcodec/vp3.c from ffmpeg-rev8120 (instead of 7407) and the associated files (vp3*) and made a recompilation.

Finally, the version can be found here:

You can found new contribs in altair's chroots/sid-i386/ for branch AND trunk. They are installed at /usr/win32 and /usr/win32-branch (how original, isn't it? )

To my tests, It works correctly on all the previously mentionned codecs.

Moreover, it does work on pinball.wmv (reference video).

Now, the bads:
It seems to not be so perfect on pinball-vbr.wmv. But a bit better than 0.8.6/0.8.6a.
And trunk version using latest ffmpeg has it also. So I guess we can't do anything for it.

So please test that version.

thedj, jpsaman, Quovodis: anything else you wanted to backport to branch ?
xtophe: cool, ain't it ?

For me, if nothing needs still to be backported, we can go on for the release.

jb, VideoLAN Team

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