[vlc-devel] multiple instances of the vlc mozilla plugin

Chris Lahey clahey at clahey.net
Fri Apr 6 09:13:16 CEST 2007

Hey there.  We use vlc 0.8.6a's mozilla plugin for windows to display
videos in the windows version of our app, Democracy.

Right now I'm adding thumbnailing to the windows version of our app.
I've added a second instance of the vlc mozilla plugin to do the
thumbnailing.  It works quite well, but while I'm doing the
thumbnailing, the videos play, and thus make noise.  This means that
with nothing playing, random videos make noise.  And when a video is
playing, there are often two audio tracks going on.

First I tried muting the plugin instance used for thumbnailing, but
that didn't work.

I added a feature to the mozilla plugin to specify the audio output
plugin, and setting the two different plugins to different plugins
(directx for one and dummy for the other.)  Unfortunately, this
doesn't seem to work.  Neither makes any noise.  (Debugging output
shows that the directx plugin gets initialized before the dummy

Is there any way around this issue?  I heard a rumor there was work
done on this sort of issue in svn?  Is this particular issue fixed?
Is there any way I can work around this without changing from 0.8.6a?


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