[vlc-devel] Google Summer of Code

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Fri Apr 13 00:52:18 CEST 2007

Hello to everyone,

I mail you because you have not been selected for Google Summer of Code 
for a VideoLAN project.

We are very sorry about that and I think that all the community deserve 
some explanations.

As you might be aware, we had a limited number of slots (7) and we have 
decided to follow the rule "1 mentor, 1 application" for obvious quality 
reasons.  We had many applications, we reviewed all of them.

Some of you have given very interesting new ideas for the project (like 
P2PVideolan, New platform ports, GTK+ GUI, etc...) that seemed less 
urgent for us, or that we had no mentor competent to do it. For those 
people, we would love to help you work on it outside Google SoC.
You can even create some bounties on it. Please contact us if you want 
to discuss about it (whining is not a solution, though).

Some applications were very competitive ( Subtitles and Fullscreen 
mainly, RTSP but also others) and we had to make a choice. As we are not 
robots, we did what we could, although because reviewing and choosing 
people on some text files is not always very easy and we may have done 
mistakes are misjudged you. Sorry about that. If you want feedback on 
your application, don't hesitate to mail me back, (I am a bit overbooked 
those days, but I'll do the maximum).
I just want to notice that RTSP was the project with the best 
applications and maybe one of the most technical subject.

And then, luck, fate, hazard, chaos or the big spaghetti monster made 
some applications noted better than others.

I am pleased to see that some of you have found other projects 
(especially some of the best students).

I just want to thank you for all the team for the time you spend writing 
applications, and comments.
We are still open to new developers and we need new blood in VLC media 
player development. Please don't hesitate to come on IRC with a lot of 
humour and fun.

Thanks again,


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