[vlc-devel] XV output green screen

Martin Forget mforget at mtotelecom.com
Thu Aug 16 16:03:05 CEST 2007

hello everybody,

i am building a digital signage player with vlc and i have a quick  

first, i am primarly using the vlc.plugin.2 within a firefox browser  
for display, using linux, the XV colorkey and overlaying an other window
to display some flash OSD on top of my video... works great.

the problem is not related to vlc.plugin because i have also  
experienced the same issue with root window or fullscreen playback,
on linux AND macosx.

my problem is that when vlc has to define a new  vout, (like running  
a new window, changing codec... or sometime (not all the time)  
starting a video
of the same video as the last played... it creates a green flash.

btw, my XV colorkey is set to black, so it's not related... the fact  
that it does it also on mac sounds like more like a codec thing (like  
the first frame would be green), but i am not sure why it would only  
do it  on a new vout... thne it sounds like vout related???

anyway,  i would like to force this flash to a black (or black like)  
color, for estethic reasons,

would someone have an idea where to look in the code for this? and  
point me in the right direction

thanks a lot!

great work on vlc... !


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